About Us

Falcon online Marketing Group (F.O.M) with having expert online marketing staffs, facilitated online selling of products through a complete research about global marketplace and new marketing methods on a worldwide scale. Our group main project is Dragon Mart Shop website and magazine which is going to connect customers and providers directly to each other, without interruption of any middle-men. Dragon Mart Shop consists of 4500 shops and kiosks, providing a platform for retailers to introduce their products and services directly to the customers. In Dragon Mart Shop website, customers can find their required products in the shortest time. They also can compare a wide variety of products from different points of view such as quality and price and choose the most suitable ones, meeting their requirements. You will find the latest world news and loads of articles about Dragon Mart and other interesting subjects in Dragon Mart Shop Magazine.

Advantages of purchasing products from Dragon Mart Shop are as follow:

  1. Ease of access to a wide variety of products
  2. Easy comparison of price and quality of products
  3. Easy delivery in shortest time with the most reasonable price
  4. Easy and direct contact with providers

Why Dragon Mart Shop

Marketing and selling products faced so many changes during the last decade. Selling through social media accounts and special websites for online selling of products, replaced the traditional retail system. Online shopping facilitates shopping through reducing current expenses of purchasing and wasted time during the shopping process in comparison with traditional shopping methods, and that’s why online shopping has become very popular among people.

Falcon Online Marketing (F.O.M) group with having expert online marketing staffs, facilitated online shopping experience at the heart of the traditional marketplace, through a comprehensive survey and reaching a complete understanding of online selling concept.

Dragon Mart Dubai is the largest Chinese products trading center in the Middle-East and North Africa region. Dragon Mart Shop is an online platform in which all the products of Dragon Mart along with their prices will be available to customers.

Advantages of subscription to Dragon Mart Shop:

  1. owning a special website: designing and running a website is very expensive and time-consuming, but with subscribing to Dragon Mart Shop, you will have your own online shop.
  2. appearing on Google search: you can evaluate a website by its position in Google search results. It is quite expensive for shops to gain a good position in Google search results and this doesn’t have any economic justification for any shop. With the subscription to Dragon Mart Shop you will be shown in top positions of Google search with the lowest possible price.
  3. be seen on social media: social media is also one of the best ways of online shopping. With the subscription to Dragon Mart Shop you will be seen on social media accounts and you can use the benefits of this new method of shopping.
  4. advertisement websites: in a near future, Dragon Mart Shop will be shown on the homepage of more than 500 advertisement websites and with the subscription to Dragon Mart Shop, you can introduce your shop to people inside UAE and outside UAE.
  5. hot offers sale: there is a special place in Dragon Mart Shop website called hot offers. You can put your on sale products and those products on discounts in this section of the website. Hot offers section is always interesting for customers and subscribers can register their products in this section for free.
  6. delivery and shipment of goods: Dragon Mart Shop is negotiating with some shipping companies to facilitate the delivery of purchased goods to customers in the shortest time and most reasonable prices.
  7. support: with the subscription to Dragon Mart Shop website you can use various technical supports and services of the website. These services include designing slides, designing banners, pictures of products, advertising reports, text preparation for products, designing catalogs, advertisement in different advertising websites, social media accounts, preparing advertising teasers, designing business card and logo, making GIFs, and online technical support.

Subscription to Dragon Mart Shop website will facilitate your entrance into the online trading world.