Indoor Playground Equipment Buying Guide

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Indoor Playground Equipment Buying Guide

The playground is designed for specific use: a place for children to play under safe circumstances. The traditional playground is designed for outdoor. The procedure of designing special areas for children to play in is rooted in theories of developmental psychologists such as Friedrich Fröbel which believed indoor playground equipment will help children to develop their skills, grow and learn about fair play and also teach them to have proper manners.

Generally, the idea of creating the playground was first used in Germany to keep children away from the streets. Children would play in defined areas on piles of sand while police force would supervise them. The idea of creating a playground was first brought to Boston, United States by a German Dr. Marie E. Zakrzewska in 1885.

After a couple of years, the idea was also welcomed in New York City and then schools embraced the idea to create the sand playground in their area. Playground Association of America was Organized in 1906 due to strong support received from President Theodore Roosevelt.

One of the biggest innovations in regard to playground and family entertainment happened throughout the recent decades. This was the opening of the indoor playground and usage of indoor playground equipment. The beginning of manufacturing soft playground equipment for children turned into an explosion in children’s entertainment centers (CECs).

In fact, the growth of indoor children’s entertainment centers flourished by the invention of “soft indoor play equipment” by Jack Pentes during 1982. Soft playground equipment was designed to guarantee the safety of children while playing which was a great concern by the time.

Soft playground equipment was designed in such a way to prevent children from falling down or hurting themselves. Since soft playground equipment is very compact and can be rearranged and designed in multilayers they are very suitable for indoor areas. Indoor playground equipment enabled the design of children’s play facilities that presented the opportunity of playing throughout all seasons and various types of weather to children and their families.

Indoor Play Area Size

Based on the regulations the minimum proper space required for a playground per child is 2.5 square meters. This space is beside the areas required for fitting, toilet and washrooms, fixed equipment, storage spaces, sleep areas for toddlers and other areas which are not designed to play and used for other activities.

Besides, presenting the required space for adults working at the facility, or accompanying the children, space for meeting with the parents or other staff, storing subsidiary educational material and program planning should not be neglected.

One of the most important benefits of using toddler indoor playground equipment is keeping them safe from older kids. Considering the fact that toddlers are still in a basic developmental stage trying to find their balance and not as steady as older children it is wiser to provide them a soft indoor play equipment to play with children of their own age.

Of course, before making a final decision about your indoor playground and the indoor playground equipment you are to purchase, there are questions and facts to be considered.

  • Is an indoor playground really needed?
  • How many children might use the facility (aged between 0-12)?
  • Are there many visitors?
  • Is this a private indoor playground for your own child or is it a public one for the use of community?
  • in case the indoor playing area is for the public use, is it for free or are you going to charge?
  • Are there any competitors and how much do they charge?
  • If there are competitors, what is supposed to make you unique and stand out?
  • How much budget do you need to rent or by the space?
  • In your opinion, how large your space should be?

All the mentioned questions play a very important role in deciding the size of the space you will need for your indoor playground equipment.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Equipment type

Many might consider the question of how to choose indoor playground equipment? What are the various types of indoor playground equipment? It is a well-known fact that kids like to visit playground (indoor and outdoor) which are equipped with various types of equipment such as climbing equipment, Slides, swings, trampolines, playhouses, seesaws and of course, last but not least the very important category of baby soft play equipment which include tunnel & highway, construction, balance and movement related toys and the very famous and favorite ball pools which all will be briefly reviewed in following.

Physical activities play a very great and dominating role in a child’s growth. Children learn to explore the world through playing and games. It also helps them to extend their practical skills. As we mentioned before playing helps kids to work on their coordination and movement skills, active play helps kids to strengthen their manual dexterity.

There is a simple face, no longer our children have the ability to play outdoors, in the garden or the yard due to the life urban lifestyle we have chosen and although we might even sport a backyard or a close by park, still they cannot play in colder days of the year, or times when we prefer to keep a close eye on our kids, this is where indoor house playground come to rescue.

Various indoor playground equipment such as soft play equipment (soft play shape, soft play blocks), kids ball pit, indoor seesaw (plastic seesaw, animal seesaw, small seesaw), teeter totter, soft play highway, rock climbing wall) and etc. are wonderful alternatives and solution to our problem.

It is worth mentioning that many indoor playground equipment types should be customized for the environment, and have easy to follow and instruction guides. So, you will not require a big spacy room for many of them including baby rock climbing wall, or almost any type of climbing wall.

Not to forget that some of these options as mentioned before are designed for toddlers and early age development while others are more proper for older ages. No matter what type of indoor playground equipment you are looking for, there are always multiple options to choose from, something to satisfy your need while not causing too much trouble in regard to spacing or installing.

Indoor kids Climbing

Indoor climbing walls will nurture skills, balance, coordination and climbing skills in children.  In fact, it is an awesome sensation to have an indoor climbing wall as a child in your home. What is a climbing wall anyway? In short, a climbing wall is an artificial wall with artificial rocks which you can get a grip by your hands and feet.  Having physical health and a very sporty activity, They could even be built by yourself required physical activity without harming or hearting themselves.

There are various climbing structures presented for children. Some are in shape of the climbing wall or rock climbing wall, or even baby rock climbing wall (manufactured for children in early developmental stage).

But besides them are also other types of climbing structures including Step 2 Game Time Sports Climber, Lil Monkey Playground Jungle Gym Set, Square climber Climbing Cube, Toy Monster Jungle Monkey Bars Tower, Tree Top Climb Slide (which is also a slide and works as a two in one product), Step 2 Panda Climber, Children Factory Soft Tunnel Climber (proper for toddlers and young children due to low height and soft material which prevents them from getting her or hurting themselves), Little Tikes Tunnel Dome Climber.

Let’s get a deeper look at why climbing wall and rock climbing are great options for your children and you might consider them to include in your indoor house playground. Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor) will need physical strength and endurance. Despite what many think, rock climbing requires more than strength in the upper body, it makes your whole body work, it requires footwork, lower body strength, and lean muscle mass.

Many don’t consider rock climbing as a type of cardio but in fact, it will surely make your heart work much faster and pop blood throughout your body, just as jogging. An hour of rock climbing can burn up to 700 calories. What’s more, it also helps kids with their flexibility especially when they need to reach a little out of hand spot throughout their climb.

But this is not where the benefits end, adding a rock climbing wall to your indoor playground equipment, will also help to empower your child’s problem-solving skill. Many believe that the mental side of rock climbing is usually ignored but in fact climbing a climbing wall, even a Baby rock climbing wall requires body awareness and problem-solving skills.

In many cases, the way to the top of the wall is not as straight as possible but full of twists and turns and requires a great deal of focus to decide where to grab and where to let go, where to place your body before you shift your body and weight.

Don’t forget all healthy children are born to climb, now be it an outdoor or indoor climbing wall or a baby rock climbing wall in the yard or a garden or public park or an indoor house playground weather is a hard rock or a soft play in children indoor playground equipment.

They climb due to the same reason that a flower will bloom or a nightingale sings. It is an inside and natural need for any child to explore the world, to see, taste, touch and discover his or her mental and physical abilities and climbing is one of the ways to do so. Now as a parent one might get worried for their child to get hurt and in such case, you should remember that there is always the option of indoor house playground and soft play equipment and baby rock climbing wall.

No matter where a child is, playing in the neighborhood park, at school grounds or even at home there must be the possibility to climb safely and get engaged in a careless act of playing. By using an indoor house playground and climbing wall you can create a controlled and modified environment for children to enjoy their children indoor playground equipment made of soft play equipment to play and develop their skill without the hazards and obstacles of playing outside.

You should remember that kids love climbing and they get so excited and easily let go of their video games and computers.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Slide

Indoor playground slides can be easily installed in any space. An indoor slide can be flat or half cylindrical or tubular so the children won’t fall.  Various materials could be used to build indoor slides such as plastic or metal, but whatever they are made of they all have a smooth surface but the shape of it might be wavy or straight.

Usually children have to climb up to the top of an indoor slide by a ladder or stairs and slides down although in order get a better use of space in many cases a rock climbing wall or soft climbing wall is installed instead of the ladder for the inside slide to get a better use of indoor house playground.

There are various types of indoor slide:

  • Spiral slides which go wrapping around a central pole and shaped like a spiral indoor slide.
  • The wavy slide which has waves integrated with its shape and while the kids ascend from the top of indoor slide down they also go up and down throughout the way.
  • to this type of indoor slide, the tube can be curvy or have some bumps.
  • The straight slide which is completely flat and goes down.
  • Drop slides are vertical or almost vertical indoor slides (they are also called death slide or as the free fall slide).

There are also subcategories of free-standing slides which stand tall all but themselves and composite slides which as an indoor slide are attached to another or multiple indoor house playground.

Outdoor playground slides cause many injuries while by using an indoor slide we can drastically decrease the number, these injuries could include bruises, bumps, sprains and breaking bones end in severe cases it also might lead to a traumatic head injury. Materials such as metal or plastic used to build slides can cause a problem in case they are installed outdoor while using a child indoor playing equipment will make all these problems disappear.

It is worth mentioning that equipment such as slide help in physical development similar to baby rock climbing wall mentioned in the previous part. Children can easily stretch and bend their muscles in an indoor house playground similar to an outdoor one while staying almost safe. Children always run for these types of playing tools in outdoor or indoor house playground but here are some more facts about playing:

The amazing part of playing with different and various Children indoor playground equipment is that they have to be active and it’s by far different from having them sit in front of their computers and gaming with no sense of purpose. The wonderful point about playing in such manner with Children indoor playground equipment is that children just let it go and start getting active.

Sliding and playing with slides helps to develop vestibular stimulation. In plain words, it leads to stimulation of ear canal. This act and stimulation of ear fluids lead to a greater control of balance while playing with Children indoor playground equipment. Sliding also helps children to achieve a greater deal of torso balance due to the fact that slide pulls them toward the ground.

One important fact about benefiting from playing is the time having an indoor house playground and using Children indoor playground equipment helps you to save time for yourself while enabling you to give the much needed time of playing to your child in the safety of your own house. It is a scientific fact that children need to play twice a day in 30 minutes’ time periods.

An indoor house playground equipped with soft play shape or kids soft play, soft play equipment, kids ball pits or ball pools, various types of seesaw (indoor seesaw, small seesaw, teeter totter, plastic seesaw, animal seesaw), kids balance equipment, tunnel balance, climbing wall, or baby rock climbing wall and etc. will help you to give your child the playtime they need to enjoy themselves while developing their physical and mental skills.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Swing Set

Based on the simplest definition, a swing is a hanging seat. Indoor swing sets are no different from this definition they just might have so extra options such as safety belts and etc. subsidiary options. Indoor swing set has a historical background being called hammock in Latin America and Oonjal in India.

The seat of an indoor swing set might be suspended by various options such as metal chains or various types of rope. While there are various types of swing such as Tire swings, Natural swing (made by plants), Rope swings, Porch swings, Canopy swings, Hammock swings, Tandem swings (designed to be used by two at the same time) our focus point here is on indoor swings and especially baby swings for younger children, especially toddlers.

Indoor swings or baby swings usually have a bucket shape. They also have to holes so children can push their feet through, in case of older children it comes in a semi bucket shape and safety belt as mentioned before. A very common design procedure in designing outdoor and indoor playground equipment to ensure od the child or children safety.

On the other side, the beneficiary factor of swinging is that it enables the child to develop and empower his or her coordinated movement. Children develop this skill while coordinating the required movement to make the outdoor or indoor slide move or go higher. If you watch young children and toddlers, you will see how they struggle to find the right movement and their combination and coordination to make the indoor swing set move.

Surely there is no way to simply teach a child how to coordinate his or her move by merely speaking about it. This coordination process requires a process of working through and getting a child an indoor swing set will surely help him or her to develop this skill much faster than a child without such Children indoor playground equipment. There are surely ways to fasten the process of coordination even while playing with the swing. One of them is to stand in front of the child who is swinging and asking him or her to touch your hand with their feet while going back and forth.

There are also designs presented for kids for special need indoor swing sets beside pediatric swings and Indoor swing sets designed for a medical reason and kids with special need present a great therapy opportunity and merely by using indoor house playground and many pediatric centers use outdoor and indoor swing sets sand frames during various therapy activities.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Trampolines

Indoor trampolines made by a piece of taut is a strong fabric stretched on a steel frame by means of multiple springs. The interesting point about outdoor and the indoor trampoline is that the fabric used in them is not elastic despite what many might believe, in contrast, it is those multiple springs which create the elastic characteristics of the indoor trampoline.

George Nissen and Larry Griswold built the first modern trampoline in 1936. They were inspired by the tight net which entertainers in circus use and considering them to be members of Iowa University gymnastics team, making it a fact that besides the fun part, outdoor and indoor trampoline had a professional user from the very beginning. Indoor trampolines are used to train people for combat, this trend especially started during the world war II.

There are also home trampolines or what is called indoor trampoline which is a little bit weaker than the ones used for professional training. They come in various shapes and sizes, are usually circular, rectangular or even octagonal. Since outdoor or indoor trampolines are usually used by children in many cases they are preferably made of waterproof material.

It is a fact that like any other tool, trampolines could also be dangerous. So why use them as a Children indoor playground equipment in an Indoor house playground? Various solutions have been offered especially in relation to trampolines use by children to ensure their safety while playing in their indoor house playground. Using a low height indoor trampoline and also installing safety nets like a wall all around them has helped and been useful in ensuring the safety of indoor trampolines.

Indoor trampoline is a great option to keep your kids active and keep them off the computer and video game or watching too much TV. We need activities which not only keep the kids in shape but also help them develop their already existing skills and find new ones. One of these great activities is using the indoor trampoline as part of indoor house playground. Indoor trampolines come in various shapes and form and you can surely find one which will suit your needs, budget and most importantly sometimes limited space. Playing on a trampoline even for a couple of minutes offers wonderful beneficiary effects.

Trampolines will help children to build their persistence. When they want to master a move they usually get so excited about playing on their indoor trampoline that they keep doing the move till they master it. An indoor trampoline also helps children to build their sense of confidence it gives them motivation to learn and also using an indoor trampoline helps them.

It also helps them to develop their motor skill, flexibility, and a very important point is that jumping on a trampoline could be considered as a great cardiovascular exercise for young children and even toddlers since the movements surely will increase. They constantly have to maintain their balance which greatly helps them to keep up with the right posture.

Exercise incognito is very useful to get your kids who don’t like the more traditional types of sport to actually enjoy the benefits of having a sporty lifestyle while no traditional exercise is done and they are having great fun jumping and flipping and have no idea you have made the workout. One of the benefits of using the indoor trampoline as an exercise is that while it is a low-impact act, still helps in developing core muscles and increase the calorie burning process.

We should not forget the great benefits of indoor trampoline for children with special needs. Educational scholars have reported that playing and jumping on a trampoline is quite useful for children with special needs because it enables them to take part in a physical activity while it is not difficult to simply jump on the trampoline and improve their muscle control activity.

Various other researches also indicate the beneficial aspects of playing on an outdoor or indoor trampoline for children with autistic children.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playhouse

Indoor playhouses are one of the best Children indoor playground equipment with many beneficial advantages. Some of them are helping them develop their social skill, very useful for keeping them active and healthy, meanwhile due to role play and creating an imaginary world leads to encouragement of their creativity, what’s more there is no reason for you to be worried where they are and what are they up to, they are tucked away in their indoor playhouse, totally safe and secure.

Of course we want our children to be able to play all the time, since any healthy child requires a healthy dose of playful activity throughout their they but what shall we do in very hot or rainy days, indoor house playground is a very great option in such situations and indoor playhouse is a very good option to add to the collection of your Children indoor playground equipment, enabling them, to play all day and every season, meanwhile saving you the time of taking to a public park or somewhere outside and also preventing them from getting an injury or sickness which again will be time and money consuming.

The point is that a child’s brain is full of stories, it is filled with pirates, princesses, and enchanted forests and any other small detail. In indoor playhouse have always been a part of children’s lives and especially indoor house playground which helps them, to increase their mental and creative power by creating a world of his or her own. It doesn’t matter if it is an outdoor or indoor playhouse, children can build social skills and also extend their imagination. We should never forget that the main goal of having an indoor playhouse is to change how our kids spend their day. Watching TV or a day of pretend play, which one is better?

Of course, you should know that choosing a playhouse is a challenging task because there are many options among outdoor and indoor playhouses.

Indoor Playground Equipment


There are various types of seesaw to choose from, indoor seesaw, small seesaw, teeter totter, plastic seesaw, animal seesaw, and kids balance also known as teeterboard in its simplest form is made of narrow, longboard which is single pivot point keeps its balance and also various types of indoor seesaw are available the outdoor seesaws are much suitable.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Soft Play Equipment

Soft play equipment including soft play shape, soft play blocks, kids ball pits, and ball pools can be easily customized to fit any space and can be adjusted based on number of users and your budget and a very important point about indoor house playground and soft play equipment is that they are low maintenance and designed in a way that needs little maintenance so you can focus on other areas that require your care in your indoor house playground.

There are various types of soft play equipment including Tunnel and Soft play hideaway, construction ones and ball pools.

Tunnel and hideaway

Tunnel and hideaway soft play equipment help in creating a fun and exciting environment for children to play. We should never forget the importance of playing in early childhood years hideaways help a child to develop his or her sense of curiosity and stay active throughout the day.

Indoor Playground Equipment


In many cases soft play equipment is designed for people with special needs, they are usually built with high quality and the best type is the anti-bacterial soft play equipment to control the infection caused by multiple users and repetitive usage so it will stay clean. Pay attention while buying them to be built with nontoxic material and phthalate-free so they won’t create any long-term and lasting damage in case they are licked or in case of soft play balls and or shapes being swallowed, you should also be looking for extra tick and durable soft play equipment so they can stand long-term usage.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Balance and movement

Soft play tunnels and basically soft play equipment help the kids to gain a sense of balance, develop their movement and coordination. Soft play is a great place where children can learn motor skills and being away from the isolated environment and also learn social skills due to their interaction with other kids. Studies indicate that exploratory plays and games are a great way to encourage children physical activities.

A soft play center has many and various toys to entertain children for a very long time, some of them are ball pools, rope bridges, crawl tubes and many more. Children can do various types of activities including running, jumping, bouncing, throwing or catching balls, meanwhile you don’t have to have any worries about their safety and can let them play as freely and happily as possible. Playing in such an environment will help to develop their agility, sense of balance and also improves coordination between their body parts and the relationship between their body and brain. What is more, they can take risks but since it is a safe environment they won’t get injuries.

Not only we can have a controlled play area by using soft play equipment but they also create a great setting for role plays, many other imaginative and mental games which truly affects the quality of brain function in children. The main point about soft playhouses is that they are designed in a way the keep children safe while playing.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Ball Pools

Skills related to playing with balls are very important for all children in every age and by any gender. One of the most important point while considering to get a ball pool for your indoor house playground is that ball pools are good for all ages. Playing in a ball pool can be a very wonderful experience, especially for children in early developmental stages. The balls used to fill the ball pools are usually made od a very soft plastic and will not harm him or her while playing and falling on them.

What is more important is that since these balls are made of soft plastic, the possibility of children getting angry and throwing the balls at each other and grownups holds no danger and worries since the balls are soft. Of course, this doesn’t mean that children don’t need any kind of supervision especially in case there are other children in the ball pools. But generally speaking, ball pools are safe for children even the toddlers.

Ball pools are so fun but many parents worry about it being clean. We must remember that ball pools can be drastically full of bacteria due to food residue, young children accidentally peeing in it and general dirt which pollutes their hands, body, and faces. It doesn’t matter if it is an outdoor or indoor ball pool a very good cleaning process is indeed required to keep children safe and healthy while they play in the ball pool. How you clean your ball pool and how often you do this, and with what cleansing products totally depends on your budget.

It is great that balls inside a ball pool are a rainbow of colors and create a therapy like an environment for all people of all ages. When you play in the ball pool, they massage all your body, considering their soft play shape they create a deep-pressure and lead to relaxation. Sensory motor skills are empowered by visual, tactile and auditory sensory stimuli.

Indoor Playground Equipment


When discussing indoor play equipment, we might question that which ones are better for infants and which ones are better for a toddler? Which one suit the older kids better? One way is that when you have to select and choose an item, you should go and check the list of what matches their developmental stage and what toys and indoor play equipment suit kids of all ages.

We must not forget that despite parents and experts’ agreement on the essentiality of playing in children’s development, based on NPPS recommendations adult must carefully choose the appropriate equipment including the indoor play equipment for creating a separate playing area for different ages.

These different age groups requiring separated indoor house playground are as follow:

  • 6 months through 23 months,
  • Ages 2 to 5,
  • And 5 to 12.

When weighing your options to select the right indoor playground equipment the following point must be under consideration:

Physical development

Children have different skills and size due to their developmental level.


6 months – 23 months

Indoor playground for children of such age range must include places and indoor playground equipment which have enough space for them to explore. They should also include enough space for them to crawl, stand and walk.


2-5 years

Creating indoor playground areas and choosing indoor playground equipment for this age group must take effect based on places where smaller steps and crawl spaces are presented. A suitable play area for such age group must include spaces to crawl, platforms which let them access a ramp and ladder at least; pieces attached to ramps so they can grab them, and tables, if possible water based playground equipment and what they can manipulate materials with, tricycle paths sporting various textures, flexible spring rockers, sand areas with cover and small-scale slides (animal slides and such) are recommended too.


5- 12 years

Proper indoor playground areas and indoor playground equipment for children of school age include climbers or angles with rope and chains; pieces designed for climbing (especially indoor climbing walls); bars and cooperative equipment such as indoor swing sets, indoor slides and sliding poles and ball pools.

Other considerations are related to children’s emotional development: considering the fact that a thought through indoor playground equipment can help children’s emotional development since they allow them to explore new ideas in a safe way, especially younger children.

It affects their social development in case you invite playmates over and plan play sessions with other kids their age so they can experience their early social interaction in a safe place and environment in an indoor playground area.

Indoor playground areas must encourage social growth and cooperation in children of school age. But social skills can develop in children of all ages by playing in groups.

Another consideration is intellectual development since indoor playground areas help them to have an opportunity to learn problem-solving skills, also to explore and manipulate items.

Indoor Playground Equipment


Indoor playground is made of various materials including wood, soft foam, and plastic, although the outdoor ones are made of steel to make them more durable in many cases indoor playground areas and equipment are made of soft play material and soft foam to keep the children safe. Using an indoor plastic playground help or soft foam playground ensures you to never worry about your little ones hurting themselves and you could equip them with indoor polyethylene playset too. Many might prefer an indoor an indoor wooden playground accompanied with an indoor wooden indoor swing set but we must not forget that the wooden ones are less durable if they are constantly used and their maintenance is much more difficult.

While selecting your indoor playground equipment it is very important to consider equipment durability but another factor really worth considering is the playground surface, the material that lies under and around the indoor swings, indoor slides, and indoor monkey bars and indoor seesaws. These surfaces are usually made of wood or rubber for aesthetic points and hygiene.


Engineered wood fiber (EWF) is one of the materials consistently used in creating a playground and also building indoor playground equipment. Based on the guidelines presented Florida health department vestibular boards and swings made of wood along wooden curved rocker sides enables children to move side to side and back and forth. These toys are used to create and extend a sense of balance children and make them understand their position in space. Children can use them while sitting, standing, lying down on the board or kneeling.

Vestibular swings have many shapes and sizes and they can be used as fixed or portable, flexion T-bar, hammock, inner tube. These indoor swings stimulate balance in a linear, circular or rotational plane.

Soft foam

Rocking boats made of foam, plastic or wood let children rock while in a sited and secured position. Usually, two children can play with such indoor playground equipment to make it move. Children need a good balance to be sustained in a secured position and then rock themselves, if not there is the risk of their falling down.

Ball pools are considered as soft foam and soft play equipment too. Foam enables the manufacturers to create indoor playing equipment is all shapes, sizes, and colors on a budget. Although the balls in ball pools are made of soft foam we should not leave children unsupervised since they might throw balls at each other which can be painful for everyone around including other adults too.

Soft foam playing shapes are geometrically shaped like familiar objects such as animals and vehicles. These shapes usually covered in shiny PVC material that makes it water and urine resistant and turning soft play material to a very proper option for young children. But we must remember that while playing on the children should remove their shoes and socks so they won’t damage the PVC covers. Foams may be used in creating parts of the large soft playground but also in positioning rolls and wedges.


One of the most amusing indoor playground equipment usually made of plastic which also makes the indoor playground equipment the most durable ones are rocking horses. Rocking horses are suitable for children that their legs push tightly together and help them to correct their body and also helps all children in empowering their sitting balance, posture and head control.

One of the best characteristics of soft foam and plastic is that they are easily washed and reused.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Floor and Wall Padding

This part relates basically to mattresses which should be inflatable, usually made of foam and water resistant and could be filled with water too.

The inflatable mattresses can be adjusted based on various types of air pressure. The inflatable mattresses when half inflated are more supportive and suitable for children with a limited set of movements.

Mattresses can encourage movement and develop listening through transmitting sound by air as we tap on the mattress.

Besides the artificial wood and rubber and foam which could be used to cover and pad walls of an indoor playground, there are also various options for covering the floor od indoor playground area, including:

Solid Rubber Surface

This is our first and best option since not only it is very safe but it also needs the least maintenance. There are two types of solid rubber surface: the most famous one is “pour – in – place” which the rubber is poured over the base and then smoothed, and can have any color as you wish. The other option is using rubber tiles that fit together and create a solid surface.

This is a great option since it is slip resistant and enables easy access by wheelchair and stroller but when it comes to the disadvantages we should mention that it is one of the most expensive options for covering your playground.

Artificial Grass or Turf

This is a little less expensive than solid rubber surface and could be considered as an alternative. This surface is also low maintenance, accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. To clean it up a water rains-off would do and the water drains up by itself. The new technologies used to manufacture artificial grass is that they are manufactured in a more realistic shape, with higher quality and better textures.

Play Sand and Pea Gravel

This commercial option is very popular among playground covers due to affordable pricing.

But they limit the accessibility of special need and ADA using children. To make sure they protect children from injuries during falling we must have an at least twelve-inch depth. Beware of sands with harmful materials and chemicals. To avoid such hazards, we must only purchase specialized playground sand.

Rubber Mulch

cushioned surface for children to land on. The price is much cheaper than solid rubber surfaces. Although due to being recycled it is not much recommended by experts for children.

Engineered Wood Fiber aka EWF

This is an economic and long lasting option for playground covers. The Engineered Wood Fiber is by far better than ordinary landscape mulch, made from virgin wood and its sawdust is removed. This is truly a natural and safe way to cover the surfaces while still keeping children safe.

Indoor Playground Equipment


In regard to the price of the commercial, you must be aware that the pricing is very different based on what you choose. The final cost of your indoor playground equipment is determined by the number of equipment and their size and the area you wish to cover.

Buying Cost

The general budget usually spent on an indoor playground area is about 90$ – 110$ per square meter per a two-level structure indoor playground. In case you wish to add the structure levels naturally the cost will increase as for a three level one it would be 180$ – 230 $ per square meter.

There is also the possibility of having multi-level structures in an indoor playground area which will increase the cost to 400$ per square meter.

Although the only way to have a final cost is to have a detailed plan of what you exactly wish for.

The price for the playground equipment prices will vary based on the equipment you will choose. In case you are able to do your shopping in a sale, you might get your hand on very good cheap slides, cheap indoor seesaw, cheap indoor swing set etc. enabling you to have a cheap indoor playground.

So increase your plan to buy indoor playground equipment, first of all, compare all indoor playground equipment prices and then make the decision which to buy. Due to the fact that soft play equipment is a very important part of indoor playground equipment you should surely consider to have them as a part of your indoor playground.

The cost of soft play equipment varies, for example, toddler baby blocks cost around 70$ – 80$ and big blocks might be a little bit more expensive around 90$ and in case you decide to add a matching mat the price might increase up to 200 $ and jumbo soft block go beyond 500$ – 1000$.

Installation Cost

In case you will need an engineer to be sent and installed your Kids indoor gym equipment along with commercial soft play equipment or non-soft equipment you have to pay a 100 $ fee per each working day, and beside the salary the accommodation, round tickets, and any other subsidiary expenses must be covered by the buyer.  Such circumstances hold true when you buy your indoor playground equipment from a mass manufacturer. In case you do your purchase from a local retailer and still need a professional to install them for you the cost will decrease since there would be no need for the extra expenses. But basically, the expenses related to installation takes up around 15 percent of your total budget.

You can save up all these costs in case you take upon installation all by yourself, but it would be much easier in case the manufacturer provides you with installation detailed in structures.


Equipment not recommended for children under 5 are as follow:

  • Chain walks
  • Cable walks
  • Log rolls
  • Track Rides
  • Freestanding arch climbers
  • Overhead rings
  • Vertical sliding poles
  • Takeout your shoes in case playing on a soft play equipment along with your socks.
  • Know your child’s limits and never compare them and believe that two children in the same age have similar abilities to use an equipment.
  • Do a safety check, and make sure all equipment in the playground work right.
  • In case you are in a public indoor playhouse beware of strangers.


By yourself

In case you decide to install the equipment by yourself be it in small scale and inside your house for your own children or a big one for public usage, make sure that you have the total and complete instructions and read it thoroughly and then start to work and ensemble the parts and equipment.

By Company

In case the company sends someone to install your inside playground equipment naturally there will be extra expenses that should be covered by the buyer himself. One benefit of installation by the company is that you can be sure the installation is right and in case any problem accurses you can always contact the company.

indoor playground equipment


There is a simple fact that not only we have to install the indoor playground equipment but we also have to continue its management and keeping them in a high-quality position. There is a methodical procedure to maintain an indoor playground area and its indoor playground equipment safe and sound which is as follow:


Inspecting the whole site – all pathways, fences, seats and any other part (don’t limit your inspections to the playground equipment), check everywhere.


Use a clear system to do your inspection step by step so you won’t miss any place, the recommended procedure is as follow:

  • Routine inspection
  • Annual inspection
  • training (to the staff)
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance
  • Surfacing
  • Post-installation inspections

By yourself

In case you plan to maintain the indoor playground equipment all by yourself then you should go through a complete training and learn how to step by step examine and maintain your equipment and indoor playground area. In such way, you will save up on a great deal of money.

By company

In case you ask the manufacturer company to maintain your indoor playground area and indoor playground equipment the maintenance expenses might differ based on the choice you make for the maintenance to be monthly, trimester or annual.

Where to buy

In case you plan to buy kids indoor playground. one of the best ways is to order them online. There are many indoor playground suppliers which present their services online. Many indoor playground manufacturers nowadays reside in China and manufacture commercial indoor playground equipment. you can easily contact any soft play suppliers or soft play manufacturer and they will provide you with detailed information about their products. You can also buy small-scale soft play suppliers at any retail local shop. In case you plan to do an online shopping look for online sales but also check the material used to build the soft play equipment to make sure they are safe.

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