Light bulb buying guide

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Light bulb buying guide

Nowadays, Light bulbs are the inseparable part of everyone’s life and you can see them almost everywhere indoor and outdoor. It’s impossible to enter a house or shop or restaurant without getting attracted to different lamp designs and various types of light bulbs used in them. but have you ever asked yourself which kind of light bulb is more suitable for you? Which kind of light bulb is more efficient? Which kind of light bulb produces more light?

Here we have a complete light bulb buying guide which helps you to understand what is your requirement and what kind of light bulb is more suitable for you. There are different factors you need to consider before buying a light bulb. In this light bulb buying guide, we will tell you about different types and their advantages and disadvantages in detail. By knowing these light bulb buying details, you won’t need to worry about buying a light bulb as you can choose the best type which meets your requirements.

Different types of light bulbs

The first thing you need to know before buying a light bulb is types of light bulbs and their advantages and disadvantages. By knowing different types of light bulbs, you can easily which one is the best for you. Each one of these types of light bulbs has their own characteristics and benefits.

There are four main types of light bulbs: Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, and LED. We are going to tell you about each type advantages and disadvantages along with explaining.

Incandescent bulbs

As the name indicates. Incandescent light bulbs are working by a function called incandescence. This means this type of light bulb produces light by heating a filament and that’s why incandescent bulbs are also known as filament light bulbs. This type of light bulb has been in use for a long time, maybe more than 100 years.

It’s been told that Thomas Edison was the inventor of this type of the light bulb, but some people believe that the tungsten bulb was invented before Thomas Edison. The Incandescent light bulb is made from a glass enclosure and there is a filament in it. The electric current heats up the filament by passing through it and this will produce heat and light.

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Advantages of incandescent bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs come in a wide range of shapes and models and you can choose among them based on your house or workplace design. The most important thing about filament light bulbs is the low manufacturing cost and their adaptability to different types of electric current and it works on both alternating and direct current. It also works with common control devices such as a timer and dimmer.

Disadvantages of incandescent bulbs

The most important disadvantage of the tungsten bulb is energy efficiency issue. Incandescent bulbs consume high amounts of energy to produce light and this makes them not so nature-friendly and based on some new rules in most of the countries around the world manufacturers are not allowed to produce this type of light bulb anymore.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are a type of incandescent bulb with one difference, they get filled with halogen gas in the glass enclosure and Halogen light is warmer and you can choose among different halogen bulb types.

The gas inside the halogen lamp increases the amount of light and energy as it can get hotter and halogen flood light becomes more and warmer. You can get a lot of light from small halogen bulbs. The gas inside halogen lamp bulb reacts chemically with tungsten and that makes tungsten halogen lamp become more durable as it won’t be like incandescent bulbs.

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Advantages of halogen bulbs

You can choose among different halogen light bulbs types and halogen globes. Halogen light bulbs are more durable and more energy efficient. They use less energy while producing more light. The halogen gas inside the enclosure returns tungsten to the filament and that makes it more durable. Halogen bulbs are used in headlights of the cars as they produce more light and they are more durable.

Disadvantages of halogen bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are costlier in comparison with incandescent light bulbs, especially linear halogen bulb and another problem of this type of light bulb is that they become very hot and you can’t touch them with hand. Pressurized gas inside the lamp also makes it a little more dangerous in case it shatters and extra precaution is needed.

CFL bulbs

CFL light bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs are known with different names such as compact fluorescent bulbs, CFL tube or fluorescent tubes. These lamps come in different shapes and sizes and are quite an energy efficient in comparison with other light bulbs, especially the incandescent bulb.

Fluorescent bulbs use one-third to one-fifth energy to produce the same amount of light. Fluorescent light bulbs are up to fifteen times more durable than incandescent bulbs but you have to know that you must pay up to five times more for fluorescent tube light. Although you have to pay more for buying a CFL lamp we can assure you having a fluorescent lamp will reduce your lighting costs up to times.

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Advantages of CFL bulbs

Different fluorescent light fixture and equipment are easily reachable in the market and besides, CFL light is warm and clear while it consumes less energy. They can come in various shapes and sizes and you can even buy CFL candelabra bulbs to have more beautiful CFL bulb. You can use them almost anywhere you want and they are very energy efficient.

Disadvantages of CFL bulbs

It’s better to not use them with dimmer or timer and if you want to change the light intensity, it’s better to buy dimmable CFL. They are costlier and you need to pay much more than regular bulbs for them, but after a short time, you can save much more than you paid as they use less energy in comparison with other bulbs.

LED bulbs

LED lights or LED bulb, is producing light through the light emitting diode and is one of the best light bulbs when it comes to energy efficiency. The LED light is clear and everyone can tell the difference between LED lighting and other types of lamps.

LED lamp comes in various shapes and designs and we can say that LED lights for the home are the best option among different types of lamp and LED downlights are quite suitable to use in the kitchen or living room in any home with any design and LED strip lights are also quite useful for indoor and outdoor decoration.

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Advantages of LED bulbs

LED tube light is much more durable than other lamps as it is made from plastic and not glass. The LED flood lights are very popular these days as they are even more energy efficient than fluorescent light bulbs. You can use them along with LED dimmer.

LED spotlights are the best among other types as they produce clear, warm focused light using fewer amounts of energy. You can use LED bulbs in various places and one the most common types is LED flood light bulbs used as LED ceiling lights.

Disadvantages of LED bulbs

The LED lamps are more expensive than other types of lamps and you have to pay more for them. another problem of LED light bulbs is changing color due to temperature and using them for a long time which can be annoying. You have to use them with right voltage, otherwise, they won’t last long and as you pay high amounts to buy them, this can be a big trouble.

Decorative light bulbs

There are different types of decorative light bulb from which you can choose if you are tired of normal and boring light bulbs. Knowing these types will help you to choose the best one which suits your house design.

You can use fancy light bulbs or antique light bulbs based on the design of your house. If you are a fan of classic houses, you can use vintage light bulbs to enhance the traditional look of your house. There are various types of old fashioned light bulbs from which you can choose and one of the most famous and desired ones is Edison light bulb.

Edison bulb comes in various types and one of the most efficient and beautiful designs is LED Edison bulb. These retro light bulbs are very beautiful when you combine them with retro home design. You can use old style light bulbs with vintage lamp shades with the classic design base.

This will enhance the traditional looks of your house. One of the most beautiful light bulb designs is vintage light globes which can be used in various parts of the house separately without using any cover or shade.

Decorative filament light bulbs look quite pretty when you use them separately, even when you don’t use any shade for them. the filament inside these decorative LED light bulbs becomes hot and produces light. Large vintage light bulbs with larger filaments look much better when you use them inside your decorations.

Decorative LED bulbs are both efficient and beautiful and you can use them almost anywhere. These decorative light bulbs come in various shapes and designs with different warmth and intensity of light. You can also use them along with dimmer and timer to make your lighting as per your mood and taste.

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Light bulbs common base types

Light bulbs come with different types of base, each having its own advantaged and limitations. The Base of the light bulb is the bottom part on which the enclosure is located and by looking at the bottom of the lamp you can tell the difference between them.

The most common types are the bayonet, small bayonet, Edison screw, small Edison screw, and GU10. In this section, we are going to introduce different types of light bulb base in detail so you become familiar with different types and their usage.


Bayonet base type is also known as push-twist as you need to push it slightly and then turn it to one side. This will fix the bulb into its place and one of the greatest advantages of this type is that it won’t get loose after a while. Screw base types become loose when you use them for some time but bayonet base won’t face this problem.

Small bayonet

Bayonet bases come in various sizes based on the shape and size of the lamp. Small bayonet base has the same function, it only suits smaller lamps with smaller enclosures. You can see a number at the base which indicates the diameter of the base.

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Edison screw

Edison screw base is the classic light bulb base which is known to everyone in the world. This is the most common type of light bulb base and you just need to turn it like a screw to put it in its place. This type of base was developed by Thomas Edison as is well-known in the whole world.

Small Edison screw

This base is also the same as Edison screw, just smaller in size. Small Edison screw lamp base is used for lamps with a smaller enclosure. You can see this type of base on different types of lamps like LED, CFL, incandescent etc.

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GU10 is the most common light bulb base used in Halogen lamps. This base is designed specifically for halogen lamps and you can tell the difference between this type of light bulb base and other types easily. By opening any halogen lamp from its place you can easily recognize GU10 light bulb base.

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Light bulb shapes

Light bulbs come in different shapes and designs from which you can choose based on your requirements and your house design. The Lightbulb shapes have wide varieties and you can find them in almost any shape. Choosing different light bulb shapes depends on you and the place you want to use that light bulb in.

There are 7 main types of light bulb shapes which we are going to talk about in detail. These types are reflector shape, candle shape, globe shape, stick shape, spiral shape, spot shape, and, arbitrary shape.

Reflector bulb

Reflector bulb, as the name indicates, has a built-in light reflector which makes it suitable for dark areas and Reflector lamp comes in various types of light bulbs like LED reflector bulb. The LED reflector is suitable to use for stage lighting and sports stadiums.

Reflector light bulb is quite suitable for underwater activities as it enhances the lighting of the area with the help of reflector inside it. While installing lamp reflector, you have to adjust it to cast light on the exact targeted area, otherwise, it might cast light over somewhere that you do not intend to.

There are various types of reflector light bulbs like par38 reflector lamps which are very suitable for lighting darker areas. It comes in Halogen and CFL lamps too and the main use of them was in slide projectors before become widely used indoor and outdoor.

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Candle bulb

Candle bulbs are those light bulbs which look like the candle flame. The Candle light bulbs are mostly common for using as decorative bulbs and you can see candle shaped light bulbs in chandeliers and for other decorative purposes.

You can find different kinds of candle bulbs such as LED candle bulbs, Ses candle bulbs, halogen candle bulbs and much more. Small candle bulbs are very useful for small glass shaded table lamps as they look like candle flame they look very nice in this case.

You can use flickering candle light bulbs in many places and if you want to adjust the light as per your taste, you can use dimmable candle bulbs. Candlestick light bulbs are very common for decorative purposes.

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Globe bulb

Globe bulbs are those with the shape of the ball. You can find all types of light bulbs in global light bulbs shapes. LED global, fluorescent global and even halogen globe light bulbs are common in the market and you can use them as per your requirement. Decorative globe bulbs are very common as the round shape suits all kind of decorative lamps and elements.

Dimmable globe bulbs are very common and you can adjust the light temperature with them. Edison bulbs and incandescent bulbs were originally round shaped and we can consider them as the first globe bulbs in the light bulb market. They cast light on surroundings due to their round shape and you can use them in your table lamps and enjoy the dimmed light with the color of your table lamp shade.

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Stick bulb

Stick bulbs came into the market as CFL and LED lams for the first time. Light bulb stick shape is very common nowadays and you can see stick up bulb almost everywhere indoor and outdoor. Stick up lights are those with the shape of the stick, with long and straight enclosure. They come in various types such as GE Led light stick and CFL stick light bulb.

Nowadays halogen stick bulbs are also quite common and they come in both opal and transparent enclosures. You can choose among different sizes of stick bulbs for different parts of the house. They are best fitted in places like underneath upper cabinets of the kitchen and side lighting of the walls.

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Spiral bulb

Spiral bulb as the name indicates is those curly light bulbs which you can see in many indoor and outdoor places. The Spiral light bulbs come in different types and you can choose them based on your need and Spiral fluorescent light bulbs are the most common type as you can see spiral CFL light bulb almost everywhere these days.

Mercury light bulbs are also one of the most common types of spiral bulbs and you can find them in almost every shop. spiral lamp bulbs are not so different from stick light bulbs and the only difference is the enclosure design. They mostly come in opal enclosure as the most common type of spiral bulbs is CFL type.

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Spot bulb

Spotlight light bulbs cast the light directly on the specific part of the house or any other place you use them in. you can use them either in a workplace or at home. LED spotlight bulbs and halogen spotlight bulbs are the most common type and you can use them with different powers at different parts of the house.

You can use LED spotlights in functional parts of the house such as the kitchen and bathroom but the usage of spotlight bulbs is much wider and you can use them in different parts of the house. You can use other types of lamps along with spotlight as they only cast light over a specific place and they are not much suitable for general lighting of the house. The industrial type of spotlight bulbs is very common in huge salons where big events are held, such as concerts and talk shows.

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Arbitrary bulb

Arbitrary bulbs are the most common shape of the light bulbs. The Arbitrary light bulbs are those classic look lamps and you can find different lamp types in arbitrary shape in the market and Arbitrary light bulbs come in various sizes such as A15, A19, A21, A23 in which A23 is the biggest and A15 is the smallest. The smaller number represents the smaller lamp.

Different types of arbitrary lamps are available these days and if you are looking for a LED lamp with the classic look, this style is the best choice for you. Edison light bulbs are also most common in arbitrary shape and people most desire this shape in Edison light bulbs.

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Light bulb efficiency

Before explaining light bulb efficiency, you have to be familiar with some words and terminology in this section. There are some words used about light bulb efficiencies like lumens and watts. Lumens means the amount of light produced by the bulb and watts means the amount of energy that light bulb consumes.

Light bulb efficiency is directly related to these two words. An efficient light bulb converts more amount of energy it consumes to light and generates less heat. Among common types of light bulbs, incandescent, halogen, LED, and CFL, the most efficient one is LED and the worst one is incandescent.

Light bulb efficiency has a great importance as energy consumption is one of the biggest issues of people in the world. Although you have to pay more for buying a more efficient light bulb, you will save a lot of energy and money while using these types of bulbs. Light bulb efficiency is directly proportional to the technology used in the production of the lamp.

More efficient light bulbs convert most of the energy they consume into a light and they generate less heat, and that’s why when you touch LED or CFL light bulbs they are much cooler than incandescent light bulbs.

Incandescent bulb efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, incandescent light bulbs are the worst among different types of light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are much cheaper than other types of light bulb as their manufacturing costs less in comparison with other types but instead, they consume high amounts of energy.

The light they produce is much less in comparison with the amount of energy they consume. This type of lamp generates a high amount of heat while efficient light bulb should convert all the energy it consumes into light and amount of heat must be negligible. We can say that the efficiency of incandescent light bulbs is about 10 percent.

Halogen bulb efficiency

Halogen light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, but they are not as efficient as CFL lamps. Also, Halogen light bulbs convert more amount of energy they consume into the light and they generate less heat in comparison with incandescent light bulbs, but still, there is a long distance between Halogen and CFL light bulbs when it comes to efficiency. We can say that halogen light bulbs are between 30 to 50 percent efficient.

CFL bulb efficiency

Compact fluorescent light is more efficient than halogen light bulbs and they consume less energy to produce the same amount of light. But still CFL light bulbs are less efficient than LED light bulbs and they require more amount of energy in comparison with them.

Of course, you have to pay more for buying a compact fluorescent bulb, but instead, you will save a lot of money as they consume much less energy in comparison to incandescent and halogen light bulbs. We can measure the efficiency of compact fluorescent efficiency as 68 to 80 percent.

LED light bulb efficiency

LED light bulb is the most efficient as it converts 90 to 95 percent of the energy it consumes into the light. As it generates less heat, you can easily touch this type of light bulb with a naked hand and this shows how efficient LED light bulbs are. It’s right that you have to pay more to buy LED light bulb but in future, you have to pay much less for your electricity bill. They also have a longer lifespan and are more durable than other types of light bulb.

In this buying guide, we tried to explain light bulbs from every aspect and point of view. by using this light bulb buying guide, you can compare different types of light bulbs and choose the best one which is most suitable for you. It’s always better to buy light bulbs from reliable suppliers like Dragon Mart Shop Dubai which is the best place for buying everything related to house construction and decoration.

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