Table Lamp buying guide

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Table Lamp buying guide

These days pretty table lamp is very common and most of the people prefer to use it in different ways. As they produce light covered by shade it gives an artistic view to the lighting of the house, do it can be used as a decorative element. It produces enough light while the shade doesn’t let the light to spread horizontally so the light will not hit the eye directly and that’s why you can use it in your rooms at your bedside.

We all know that some people prefer to study at nights, the best option for them is a table lamp. It provides light enough for their studying. You can put a lamp on any surface at every corner of your house without any limitation.

There are many different types, designs and, colors of lamp shades used in table lamp from which you can choose the one which is suitable for your house design and your taste. The stands can be made of different materials and a lot of decorative elements can be added to them. The variety in material and design of the table lamps make it very popular among people.

Table lamp types

there are so many types of table lamps from which you can choose based on the location you want to use them, the material and your purpose. Some people want to use it just as a decoration while the lighting of the area is also important for some other. Of course, besides the usage of the table lamp, you have to choose a material which suits your house decoration. We will introduce the most common types of table lamps in the following.

Bedside table lamp

Bedside lamps are widely used and it’s one the most common types, popular among people as it provides enough light during the night without the direct light hitting the eye due to the presence of the shades and it is also a perfect decorative element.

People usually use small bedside lamps in pairs but don’t worry if you have different tastes from your partner. You can use different small bedside table lamps and it doesn’t need to be exactly the same but it’s better to choose a matching pair to your bedroom decoration.

table lamp

Novelty table lamp

If you want to use this table lamp for lighting your room it’s not a good option for you. Novelty table lamps are just decorative items and don’t provide much of lighting to your area. You can use modern table lamp if your house decoration is in modern design or you can use a novelty table lamp in your child bedroom using the theme of her or his favorite cartoon.

table lamp

Desk & study table lamp

These lamps are suitable for your studying and working at home. If you have a desk in your house which you use for doing your job or studying at home you can use a desk table lamp also. The arm of desk table lamp is usually adjustable and you can adjust it to get the maximum lighting on the spot you require. Try to choose the size of your desk table lamp according to the size of your desk.

table lamp

Banker’s table lamp

Banker’s lamp is another type of table lamp which is very popular among people and Banker’s lamp has a typical shape which is known to everyone. It consists of a base and a shade which looks like a half cylinder. The color of the shade is usually green but if it doesn’t suit your decoration you can find other colors too. As the direction of the light is downwards it can be used as a reading lamp also.

table lamp

Lava table lamp

Lava table lamp is as common as modern table lamps. The base of this lamp is made up of a glass containing wax or some other sorts of liquid which gets warm with the heat produced from the lamp when you turn it on. When the wax becomes warm it becomes less viscous which makes it move inside the glass container and also glow slightly with the light.

table lamp

Torchiere table lamp

These lamps lighten the area upward in the opposite of other lamps which produce light downward. The shade used in this type of lamp looks exactly in the opposite way of normal shades as it opens at the top. Torchiere table lamps look more classic and art deco table lamp than modern and we can consider it as the traditional table lamp.

table lamp

Buffet table lamp

Buffet table lamps are tall table lamps which are originally from Paris and people usually use them at the side of their buffets to complete the classic looks of their houses design. The base of buffet lamps is usually thin and the shade is wider in comparison with the base.

table lamp

Tiffany table lamps

This type of table lamps is so popular and have an iconic appearance. Tiffany table lamp is named after it’s designer Louis Tiffany and is known with the colorful glass shade along with a thin metal base. Tiffany table lamp design goes back to 1895 but it’s still common and loved by people. There are different designs added to this kind of table lamp but it has kept its original form intact.

table lamp

Piano table lamp

This kind of table lamps was first used by musicians. Pianists used to use piano table lamp so they can read the music sheet on the piano but nowadays it’s widely used by people and is very popular among those who want to use a classic table lamp and it can be used as Porcelain table lamp also.

table lamp

Chandelier table lamp

This kind of table lamp is normally made of a metal base on which crystal dangles have been added. It looks very classy and can be classified as a traditional table lamp. It produces enough light according to where you want to use it. If you want to use it for lightening your area you can buy a model with more place for lamps. It is suitable for children’s room as it produces soft light.

table lamp

Accent table lamp

These table lamps are small table lamps which are made from ceramic at the base and colorful shades with different designs. The ceramic lamps are available in many colors and you can choose them according to the design of your house. They produce very soft light which is suitable for decorating corners of your house.

table lamp

Hurricane table lamp

Hurricane lamps look more like an antique table lamp with porcelain base and shade and we can classify it as country style table lamps also. If you want to have a decorative table lamp which gives glamour and color to your house you have to go for a hurricane table lamp. The colorful porcelain shade gives this kind of table lamp a Victorian style and it’s very common among people who are the fan of this style of decoration.

table lamp

Table lamp styles

After deciding to buy a table lamp you have to think about what you desire. You have to consider many factors to get what you want. Everyone wants a unique table lamp which matches the decoration of the house. There are many choices for buying a decorative table lamp but you have to see which one looks beautiful to you.

There are a lot of beautiful lamps in the market from which you can choose your luxury table lamps. It’s always better to buy your table lamp with table so they can be properly matched. In the following, we will introduce the most common table lamp styles which can help you while you want to buy a table lamp. we can group table lamp styles into 4 main groups includes Industrial, cottage, modern and contemporary.

Industrial table lamp

Industrial table lamps have 2 main characteristics, first is the type of the bulb used in them which is usually Edison lamps and the second one is the material of the base. The base of industrial table lamps is usually made up of rough materials like black galvanized iron or something like used pipes.

These stylish table lamps are very common among younger people but you can’t use this style in classic houses as it won’t match with the rest of the decoration at all. You can categorize industrial lamps as vintage table lamps.

table lamp

Cottage table lamp

Cottage table lamps, also known as country table lamps are very lovely lamps which makes the place look very friendly and inviting. The warm look of this style of table lamp makes it very popular as you can use it both in the houses with modern decoration and houses with classic decoration.

You can find tripod table lamps also in the country style which looks a bit more rustic. The base of cottage table lamps is usually made from wooden materials and shades are not so colorful. The color of the shade is normally neutral and it gives a soft, beautiful color which makes the room very warm and cozy. You won’t see much of a pattern on the shade of the cottage lamps.

table lamp

Modern table lamp

You can’t define a specific shape for the modern table lamp. they became popular in the 20th century and are still common. The base of the lamp can be made from wood or metal and different designs can be found in them. The shades are also different in shapes and colors and even the material.

Bubble shape of the shade is very common but you can’t define a modern lamp very specifically. you have to see the modern table lamp to tell its difference from other styles. Black table lamps and silver table lamps are the most popular colors of modern lamps. There are a lot of beautiful table lamps in this group from which you can choose based on what you need, what you like and the decoration of your house.

table lamp

Contemporary table lamp

The base of the contemporary table lamps is usually made from materials like marble or colorful metals and glasses. The curvy shape is very common and the most interesting part is the shade. The shade can contain any color and pattern and that’s exactly what makes it modern and special.

The design of the contemporary is exactly opposite of antique brass table lamps. If your house is decorated with modern elements we suggest you buy contemporary table lamp style to complete your decoration with beautiful, soft light from a modern table lamp at the corner of your place.

table lamp

Table lamps grouping based on place

Table lamps are very common in everyone’s house because you can use them where ever you wish to. In case you want to add a lighting element to your decoration you can put a table lamp set in your living room where it gives you soft colorful light and makes your environment warm and inviting.

If you want to decorate your bedroom again it’s one of the best options to use beautiful lamps in your bedroom. And some other prefer to have a nice decorative element in the kitchen and guess what? Table lamps again are the best option you have.

A good point about table lamps is that they are available in all colors and styles with different materials, so you can find whatever matches your favorite style and your house decoration. The only thing that concerns you is how to choose between this much of choices you have.

Bedroom Table lamps

There are a lot of options available for table lamps for bedroom depending on what is your usage. When you want to buy bedroom lamps you have to consider many factors. first is the size of your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom then small bedroom lamps are your best choice. If you want to have a soft light during the night then you have to go for bedroom nightstand lamps which gives you a slow, lovely light without hitting directly into your eyes.

When choosing bed lamps you can go for a floor lamp with a table or else tall table lamps for the bedroom are your best option. And of course, you have to consider the decoration of your room too. Find something matches the decoration. People usually buy table lamps in matching pair for each side of the table but you can also buy different table lamps for your bedside but make sure they are from the same style.

table lamp

Table lamps for living room

Living room lamps are the inseparable part of every house. Just like the bedroom, first, you have to consider your living room size and space available for your table lamp. obviously, you will need large table lamps for the living room while your house is so big with a large living room area.

The style of living room lamp has greater importance in comparison with bedroom lamps. When you enter a house the first section of the house you enter is living room so it is always in front of your eye and it should match your living room decoration perfectly. you can use a large table lamp for living room if you have a huge house.

The next thing you have to keep in mind is to buy something which is in your favorite color and material and also decides if you want to buy that table lamp for lighting purpose or just as decoration. If you want to use it for lighting the area you have to make sure you are buying something with proper material and color of the shade.

table lamp

Table lamps for kitchen

Using table lamps in the kitchen is not very common but in case you want to use a table lamp in your kitchen you have to consider many factors. people usually use table lamps in the kitchen to provide a soft light during the night as family members may need to take something from the kitchen during the night or drink some water. you can use a touch lamp in the kitchen which is easier to use.

So a nightstand table lamp in the kitchen can be a good solution. Apart from this logical reason, you may want to just decorate your kitchen. When you want to buy a table lamp for your kitchen make sure the shade material is easy to clean and for safety issues it’s better to not put the table lamp near the stove or anywhere with high temperature. The size and style of your table lamp should match the decoration of your kitchen.

table lamp

Table lamp shades

Table Lamp shades are the most important section of table lamp parts as the light bulb lighten inside them and that attracts attention. There are different shapes and materials for lamp shades for table lamps on which you can have different colors and styles. Globe table lamp is very popular today as a modern table lamp. we will introduce some of the lamp shade styles and shapes in following.

Table lamp

Bell shape

Bell shape lamp shades are very popular among people as you can classify it in both classic and modern group. As the name indicates it looks like a bell, it’s narrow at the top and wide at the bottom and that’s why the light distributes more from the wide bottom of the shade.

Coolie shape

Coolie shape is also in the same style of the bell shape but the difference is the angle of the shape between the upper part and the lower part of the shade. It is much wider at the bottom and much more narrow at the top which gives an iconic style to the table lamp with a large amount of light distributing from the bottom of the shade and a very soft light at the top.

Rectangular shape

As the name itself shows, this shape is either rectangular or square which is more common in contemporary table lamp styles. Using this kind of lamp shade has its own limitations as it’s better to use a rectangular shaped base.

Cylindrical shape

We can say that the cylindrical shade is drum lamp shade which is vertical. The opening of the shade at the bottom and top of the shade have a similar size so the light distributes equally upward and downwards. It’s suitable for long, vertical table lamps with a simple thin base.

Empire Shape

Empire lamp shade is also almost similar to the drum shape but the difference is that it’s a bit narrow at the top and a bit wider at the bottom. The difference between the opening at the top and bottom is not that much so the light distributes a little bit more from the bottom of the shape. The lighting of this shade is pretty good if you want to use it for this purpose.

Table lamp size

As we talked about it before the table lamp size is very important, as it produces light and all the lighting elements attract a lot of attention in the room. If you choose a small lamp size it will not show itself in the room and will look like a dwarf among the rest of the goods in the room.

Table lamp base is also important to match the decoration. if you want to use your table lamp in a small room using a big table lamp will be out of the question. Large table lamps have to be used in a large room with a lot of space and lighting area. Round base table lamps and large base table lamps have to be placed on a large table which accommodates the lamp thoroughly.

If you want to use a table lamp on your desk for reading or working with a laptop the bottom of the shade should be right at your eye level otherwise the direct light will hit your eye and bothers you. The height of the table lamp is also important and you have to match the height level of your table light with other lighting elements you use in your place. You have to consider the area of the lighting also when you want to choose a table lamp.

Table lamp

Table lamp shade size

Shade material is also as important as base size. You have to choose a shade which matches with the size of your base. You have to choose a shade size which prevents the direct light distribution in your eye level while it should also match the size of the table or area you are using the lampshade. The size of the lamp shade you are choosing must be smaller or equal to the surface you are using your table lamp on it and not any wider.

Table lamp material

There are different materials used in the base and shade of the table lamps. You can choose between them based on the place you want to use the lamp shade and the decoration of the area along with the lighting you want to get from the table lamp. we will introduce some materials which can be used in the base and shade of the table lamps.

Table lamp base material

These are the materials you can use in the base of the table lamps.


Wood is a very common material for the base of the table lamps. It provides a rustic style for the table lamp and you can use wood table lamps almost in any area with any decoration as designers can process wood in many different ways in any required color and shapes. The light matches perfectly with the wood to make the area quite inviting and warm and that’s why wooden lamps are so popular.


Metal table lamps are also very common as you can design them in any required way. You can use a metal lamp in any style based on the design and types of the metal used in the base. Brass table lamps are usually in Tiffany style while if you are looking for a modern style you can use nickel table lamp or iron table lamp which is shinier.


Ceramic table lamps look very artistic. You can easily use them in houses with classic decoration. you can find ceramic table lamps in any color depending upon what you are looking for. Ceramic is a very glamourous material for the base of your table lamp as it comes in different colors and shapes.


Glass lamps are so beautiful because when you turn on the light it seems much brighter. But Glass table lamps are a bit less common as they are fragile but still, they will find their place in your heart as you look at them. You can use clear glass table lamps or stained glass table lamps depending upon the decoration of your house, but be careful while moving them.


Crystal table lamps are fancier than the rest but you have to ready to always take care of them as they are very fragile and Crystal can be considered as a glass with lead which makes it special. This kind of table lamp is classic in style and suits the houses with classic and fancy decoration.

Table lamp

Table lamp shade material

When you want to choose shade material first you have to decide to choose between softback and hardback material which has different characteristics and uses. The softback material as the name indicates is softer and allows the light to pass through the shade in some extents.

Softback materials are usually lighter in color. Hardback materials have a lining of golden or silver material inside them which reflects the light and doesn’t allow the light to pass through the shade. Instead, the light distribution through the bottom of the shade is much higher. So depending on your taste, first,  you have to choose between hardback and softback. The next thing to think about is the material of the shade which we will explain about in brief.


The most common shade is made from cotton and silk. This material is very easy to shape and find and can be used in any place with any decoration. you can choose different colors and shapes in fabric material shades. They make a very warm, inviting environment.


Paper shade is very lovely as the light goes through the paper very softly and produces a very warm and beautiful lighting. the paper is also easy to shape and you can design it any color or pattern to suit any decor.


Using plastic is suitable for hardback shades as it doesn’t allow the light to pass through. Plastic is more common in modern designs and you can find it in any shape and color. Of course, you don’t need to worry about the melting as special materials are used for making plastic shades.


You can also use glass as a table lamp shade but it is not as common as other materials. The glass lamp shade allows the light to pass completely in case you use the clear shade. If you want to block light into some extent you have to use stained glass shade. Glass is mostly common in Tiffany style table lamps.

Metal frame

the Metal frame is used in almost every kind of lampshade. It provides strength for the shade as well as a base on which you can shape the shade. The Metal frame is mostly used in shades made from paper and fabric.

Table lamp light bulb

You can choose any style of light bulb for your table lamp based on where you want to use it and what you want from your lamp. in the old days you had to worry only about the wattage of the lamp but nowadays you have to consider many things to choose your suitable lamps.

Surely you have experienced the change in your mood during a single day. Today you can buy a dimmable light bulb for your table lamps so you can make your room brighter or darker. You can easily adjust the light depending upon your mood. Most of the table lamps have the dimmer switch inside them but in case yours doesn’t have it, you can buy a dimmer switch pack and adjust the light in your room.

You can use CFL or LED lamps in your table lamps and it depends on you what you prefer. CFL and LED use less energy but they are more expensive but you have to consider that they last much longer than incandescent bulbs. So you have to choose the light bulb according to what you expect. If you want warmer light, incandescent bulbs are a better choice.

Table lamp

Table lamp energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the table lamp depends on the lamp you choose. CFL and LED lamps are more efficient and use less energy. You can use the dimmer switch to decrease the brightness of the lamp and use less energy if you don’t want a very bright room. So we can conclude that the energy efficiency of the table lamp depends on how we use it.

Table lamp price

The price of the table lamps is also varies based on many factors. different materials have different prices so the price of the table lamps also varies as the material of the base and shade changes. You can buy your lamp shade from different brands with different prices and keep in mind that extra options like a built-in dimmer switch will affect the price of the table lamp. The good news is that you can buy table lamps at many different prices according to your budget. If you are a creative person you can make your own table lamp.

Safety and maintenance

There are some safety points you have to follow while using a table lamp.

  • You don’t have to use a very busy electricity socket for your table lamp.
  • You have to keep all the flammable materials far from the table lamp as the over-heating can cause a fire.
  • If the table lamp or the lamp itself becomes over-heat you have to turn it off and let some time pass till it gets cool down.
  • Use correct wattage lamp on your table lamp
  • Don’t touch the bulbs as they can become very hot after some time using them.
  • Try to buy standard table lamps with standard materials.
  • Turn off your table lamp if you are leaving the room.
  • Pull out the cable if you are going away for a long time.
  • Don’t put fabric and paper shade table lamps near hot places like the stove if you are using it in the kitchen.

Where you can buy table lamps

You can buy table lamps online or from reliable stores like Dragon Mart Dubai which gives you a lot of choices with reasonable prices and you can find cheap table lamps with the best quality over there. You can buy table lamp online but make sure it is of good quality. Consider all the factors mentioned before while you want to buy a table lamp.

In this article, we tried you to give you an overall view over types of table lamps available in the market. You can use this article to choose the best table lamps which meet all your expectations. Try to choose wisely while considering your taste and decoration of your house. We hope this article be useful for you in case you want to add a table lamp to your room as a decorative element.

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